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U.S. Navy (per page)

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Full logbook = 70 Pages (historical average, excluding simulator pages)

Left and Right halves of the Logbook counts as “1 page”

Minimum order: 20 pages

We don’t process Simulator Pages, Qualification or Summary Pages

15 reviews for U.S. Navy (per page)

  1. Raul “Rivers” Rios

    Say what you will about pilots, our trek to become a professional aviator has definitely taught us how to compartmentalize and prioritize. Which means the majority of us are inherently lazy when it comes to keeping log books because, the flight is recorded and some AW3 will re-write the flight into my log book…I’ll get to it later. Well several thousand hours later, unraveling that data was horrible. ANYTIME LOGBOOKS saved me hours of pain! Please do not hesitate to call them and use the product to decipher your military log books. You can better focus your precious transitioning time to figure out your final move, VA medical, military retirement party, and finally airline interview prep. I presented my ANYTIME LOGBOOKS spreadsheet data for two separate interviews and got CJO’s after both interviews. My logbooks were the least of my concern during the hiring process because of the work ANYTIME had done for me. Thank you ANYTIME.

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  2. Michael Moreland

    Catching errors after a 20 year career can be brutal, but Anytime logbooks saves your time and sanity! Not only can you rest assured that your hours will be bullet-proof and unquestionable in an interview, but you’ll have a digital copy, and peace of mind, that your flight time will be safe. Anytime Logbooks is constantly updating their product to ensure that your flight time is accurate for every company, no matter how finicky and different each site may be. Save yourself the headache and frustration, put your trust in Stuff and the team and never have to worry about flight times in your apps or being sure that your logbook is interview ready again! By far the simplest and best money spent throughout my airline transition process – spent all my time on interview prep and ended up exactly where I wanted!

  3. Toto

    Great product. The value is obvious, but the quality (accuracy) is the real selling point. I have a pretty straightforward flying history (mostly just one T/M), and I can’t imagine trying to noodle through the conversion factors, rules, and math, sortie by sortie, for a 15+ year flying career. Even if you have a NALCOMIS entry for every flight of your life, good luck getting an app-ready product from a DIY spreadsheet. Save the time and the headache…go with Anytime Logbooks. Easiest thing you’ll do on your transition journey.

  4. Todd A.

    Anytimelogbooks is by far the best investment an aviator can make, to ready themselves for the transition from the military into commercial aviation as well as overall preserve the documentation of military flights. The products — digitally and final printing are superior to any other digital logbooks out there. As well, the staff are extremely patient to work with you to ensure your final product is what you want. I can’t imagine making this transition without anytimelogbooks.

  5. Reed Foster

    I used Anytimelogbooks to convert two civilian and two military logbooks and I’m glad I did! Their service streamlines the process of converting paper logbooks into a usable digital format. Why reinvent the wheel when you could better spend your time reviewing their output and preparing for your interview! I highly recommend using Anytimelogbooks!

  6. Vorrice B.

    Anytimelogbooks’ service is well worth the investment! They do a great job transferring your military logbook into something that you can use immediately in the commercial world. They have created tabs for all of the current airline applications that take all of the guess work and frustrations out of completing them. Money well spent!

  7. Blue Hadler

    Best money I spent during the airline interview process. It took me about 45 minutes to scan three logbooks with 3K+ flight hours using the recommended TurboScan app (which is also very helpful) and my part was done. A few emails back and forth for clarification on logbook errors which are likely inherent in every Navy logbook and – boom – I had an easy to use digital product. I was mailed a paper summary of my logbook I could take to interviews as well. Overall, super helpful. Don’t even bother trying to do this yourself. The airline interview process is stressful enough, remove some of the stress by having the pros at AnytimeLogbooks help you.

  8. Burke H.

    This is the next best thing to getting everything you wanted for Christmas. (But in the context of logbooks.)

  9. Joe Deer

    I just retired after over 3 decades of flying and nearly 40 years of total service. I was a senior officer and didn’t have the time to sort through a myriad of aircraft, flight hours, PIC time, more. I learned of anytime logbooks through a website & some fellow military types & reached out to big Mark (aka. Stuff). He was very affable, extremely knowledgeable about each airline’s requirements, and even provided some excellent advice for this old sailor regarding applying to the airlines at a later stage of life. Bottom line: I paid the fee (well worth it!) and took his excellent, user-friendly product w/ me to my interviews and am now a FO with a cargo airline. Thanks Big Mark/ Anytime Logbooks for the great assist!!

  10. Trey “Judy” Faulkner

    I did not have the time or the patience to transfer my logbooks, and I certainly didn’t have the ability to convert it all into the right format for my apps. Anytime Logbooks was worth every penny in the time that it saved me not only in converting my logbooks, but also in filling out my airline applications with confidence. The printed logbook I brought to my interview was perfect, and there were no questions from the interviewers. This really is the easy button.

  11. Winston Likert

    Absolute must have logbook product. Data entry not your forte? Me neither. These folks Excel at it…! Wish I would have bought it sooner!

  12. Mark S.

    Exceptional product and service from Stuff and the Anytime Logbooks team! Their product was a tremendous time saver and well worth the money! Excellent conversion process of paper logbooks into a tremendously useful digital product that takes the guesswork out of the airline application process and provides outstanding piece of mind! They are not satisfied until you are satisfied!

  13. “Vinny” Krause

    What a life saver! This product blew the existing spreadsheet summary of my 4 military logbooks out of the water! It helped me resolve any and all questions I had about the accuracy of my flight time totals which were spread over 9 flying tours and 18 years. It also incorporated my 1 civilian logbook seamlessly. The product I took to my interview was clear, concise, and thorough…and unquestioned.

  14. Kevin Robb

    After 20 years of flying my logbooks were in need of serious updating and organization so that I could be successful in transitioning to the airlines. Anytime absolutely knocked it out of the park and the page by page detail was incredible. Not only was I hired at AA, DAL, and FEDEX, but I finally had a detailed look at all the different flying over two decades. Thanks Anytime, couldn’t have done it without you.

  15. Charlie Choate

    It was very easy to scan my logbook with my iPhone and send the the product over. I had 2 Navy logbooks and the turnaround time was excellent. Every question I had was answered in a timely manner. Highly recommend.

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