U.S. Air Force (per page)

U.S. Air Force (per page)

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*Call for more precise quote

$2.00 per page if no repeat flights (you should erase repeats with Sharpie, redact them, or edit them out)

-Also no Simulators (line through flights containing “S” in aircraft type)

-No summary blocks

-No academic tests or flight physical pages

-20 Page minimum order


$4.00 per page if scans contain repeat flights, simulators, summaries and other pages with non-flight related data (See our other USAF product)

2 reviews for U.S. Air Force (per page)

  1. eric schulze

    Great product overall. The team was able to scan my flight records and convert it to a digital format. Good way to start the process. Needs an app that can be updated daily by the individuals versus sending the product in each time

  2. Fred Cunningham

    I was one of the first Air Force pilots to work with Anytime Logbooks and I highly recommend this company. Mark “Stuff” Stufflebeem was a Naval Aviator during his time in the military so this was a great opportunity to expand the aperture to include Air Force pilots while accounting for the differences between AF and Navy flight records. I can tell you that Stuff has worked incredibly hard to provide a first-class product for Air Force pilots. He is incredibly responsive to any issues I may have and was willing to work with me one-on-one to ensure I was happy with my logbook. He quickly addressed any and all concerns I might have had. His product is constantly evolving and including tabs for additional airlines. I assure you it will make completing your applications much easier! As I mentioned, Stuff was a military pilot and is now a pilot for a major airline. He’s walked in our shoes and understands what we are going through as we make the transition from the military to the airlines. Plus, he’s a great guy and it’s nice to support a veteran-owned small business!

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