Printed Interview Binder

Printed Interview Binder

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Faux-Leather 3-ring binder for interviews

Printed on Smudge-Free Paper from a high-quality Laser Printer

Summary cover sheet (Summary excel tab)

All flights in chronological order (50Log excel tab)

Buy now: we can ship now or send later (when you land that interview)!


5 reviews for Printed Interview Binder

  1. Julie

    The printed interview binder is a must. A clean, efficient, one stop shop for all required hours criteria, simple for the interviewer to double check against your application. My personal experience was with three major airlines and all three said the binder was excellent. Highly recommend!

  2. Winston Likert

    Excellent product! Having all the MIL time organized in an interview-friendly manner was very helpful to translate my hours in a meaningful way. That ability simply cannot be overstated in an interview. The professional appearance and easy to follow organization gave me the confidence I needed to get the offer!

  3. Andrew

    For an in person interview this is an absolute must. Don’t dare show up with a bunch of chicken scratch and white-out in your logbooks! This is the professional product you need. My interviewers loved it and I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from others I’ve recommended it to. Plus I used it as a single source destination for all the other documentation needed during my interviews. With some simple organizational skills, protective sheets, etc. I was able to add my passport, credentials, licenses, and copies of everything else required. That’s an invaluable peace of mind. Even today it serves to organize my log and all my essentials at home. Make the investment, you’ll be glad you did when you get the job!

  4. EJ Hendrickson

    Very professionally done and worth every penny. They took a series of logbooks that were not ready for primetime, corrected all errors, and turned them into an impressive presentation ready product. I am glad I had spent the money to do this. The binder made an immediate impression and made any questions regarding flight hours easy, I could not imagine going to an interview without a binder of this quality. I simply did not have the time to dedicate to getting this done nor did I have the professional format to present my information. You will not regret requesting this service.

  5. Desobry Bowens

    Binder is a solid product that made my UPS interview pop!The whole anytime product is a winner. It makes organizing your logbook a breeze. It is a no brainer for a Mil to Civ transition! Stuff and team are easy to work with and super accommodating!

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