How it Works

How does it work?

  1. Complete the Customer Worksheet
    • The contact information is used to communicate with you
    • The pilot information is used to customize your logbook with key features based upon milestone events in your aviation career (such as PIC qualification)
  2. Create a Membership, select products, add to shopping cart, then complete purchase
    • Create a Membership username and password and pay a one-time $199 Membership fee. This fee covers the time and expense to convert all flights to the AnytimeLogbooks format. It enables unlimited purchases of our products at the published shopping cart rates
    • To purchase the service, select the number of pages of each applicable type of logbook (ie Large GA Logbooks, Navy Logbooks)
  3. Send us your logbooks
    • Scan the pages of your paper logbooks by using a smartphone scanner app (we provide step by step instructions)
    • Send us your existing digital logbook files to be converted to our format
    • We can help you acquire current-employer airline flight files

Finally, we send you a digital Excel Logbook in a Microsoft Excel file

    • The process for conversion to digital is a proprietary process (part machine, part human)
    • We error-check each entry to ensure accuracy. We make every attempt to correct any mistakes that appear to have been made by the original logger


    • If purchased, we ship you a printed binder with the Summary and 50Log (complete digital logbook with all flights) when requested. We recommend requesting this 2 weeks prior to first interview, but it may be requested at any time
    • Customer can add new flights to the product and all the templates for aviation applications will automatically update
    • Customer may add new scans or new digital files to the AnytimeLogbooks digital logbook by paying a small fee
    • An updated logbook file may be requested at any time. (To take advantage of new features and content)
    • If you prefer to continue to use other commercial digital logbook software, we can create a CSV file which is easily uploaded at no cost