367 UPS: Changed T6 and T34C back to “Multi-Engine Turbo Prop” for Top Porition of UPS app.
366 Part-61 PIC fixed for Multi-Crew aircraft time (now uses 1stPilot from Navy and not TOT time).
365 UPS: New code to enclude Light/Piston time included in Part B (Total PILOT hours – fixed-wing, PIC, SIC all engine types)
364 UPS: Removed T34 and T6 from “Multi-Engine Turboprop” selections in selectable top 12 aircraft in top half of UPS application.
363 UPS: Fixed glitch on “Past 24Month PIC/SIC Jet/Turbine”. SIC was doubling and Dual Received was discounted. Govt: Fixed formulas for “Greater than 2 Engines, SIC”.
362 Atlas: TOTAL Cross Country formula fixed. Was referrenceing SIC numbers not total. USAF: Error notes in far right column added.
361 Atlas Errors fixed (Part 2, Last 6 months has small error). Civ tab: added “Anytime Logbook NOTES” for any corrections we made. Add “N” to Civ tail numbers.
360 FAA tab: added MedXPress template to complete “TOT” and “Past 6 months” for Class 1 Medical application.
359 Atlas tab: added Part 1 and Part 2 application templates. Added XC SIC column.
358 Changed single “PIC” column to three (Part-1 PIC, Part-61 PIC, TOTAL PIC)(on Civ, 50Log, Master tabs). Changed Atlas template to match their new formatting.
357 UPS: changed Part 2/B, Removed T34/T6 from “Total fixed wing jet and/or fixed wing multi turbo PIC” and changed “FAR Part-91 / Total flight hours to include all Part 91 flights in GA
356 Atlas Tab: fixed glitch on “>100,000 LBS. MGTOW / SIC” (was repeating PIC data)
355 No longer autohiding all Airline tabs, American Tab: fixed glitch bottom for 12mo and 24mo recency.
354 R-ATP PIC calcuations: SIC was not being reduced sufficiently when additional PIC time was added, artificially inflating TOT times. FAA at: fixed Gliders.
353 Removed Apps/Cred/Amer/SWA tabs. Can be requested by individual customers if needed (once hiring resumes)
352 Added Atlas tab
351 Govt tab: Removed Dual Received from SIC calculation in Section 9. More UPS T34/T6 fixes. UPS will count them as Mil Fighter/Trainer.
350 Summary: MileStone Flights (1000PIC, 1500Turbine, 2500TOT) not populating, APPS tab formula glitch, error upon opening. ALL fixed.
349 Added Sea Plane columns, NVG, auto-hide non-applicable categories for each pilot. Fixed some UPS auto-update issues
348 UPS: don’t count V-22, count T34/T6/T44 as Fighter Jet
347 Added “Govt” tab. Form 2181 for applying for Government FAA and National Guard GS flying and non-flying jobs.
346 Fixed error in PIC time for “P” override codes (was not including Spec Crew in PIC calculations)
345 Fixed error in FAA tab. Also fixed an error in the Milestone Flights calcualtions.
344 Locked Master tab for editing.
343 New Gonkulator. Eliminated the “Navy List” tab. Added Customer Name to each page of Navy tab.
342 Fixed FAA tab “PIC Cross Country” to only include FirstPilot time for the R-ATP PIC alternate calcuations.
341 Combined Navy/Civ/USAF files into one “Flights” file for each Customer. “Replica” tab now called “Navy” tab in Output file.
340 “1500 Turbine” milestone calculation on Summary was not factoring in Civilian flights.
339 Changed XC calcuation for Helicopters. Must be greater than 0.6 hours in addition to not an exclusion TMR code.
338 Remarks dropped out of Master from Civilian flights. Fixed.
337 Add “military specific” columns to Civilian tab (captures “Sorites”, “Special Crew”, “Traps”, “NVG”, “Combat”)
336 Changed Summary. Added more data to bottom of SWA tab, commensurate with their “Round-2” for accepted applicants. Added TEAL highlight to 1000 PIC, 1500 Turbo, 2500 TOT
335 Fixed issue with PIC (R-ATP) calucation doubling flight time in some situations. The PIC(R-ATP) version was only sent to Helo and low-time Fixed wing pilots that requested it.
334 Created PIC (R-ATP) replacement for normal PIC for those that need it (PIC =FP after first solo in “Airplane”). Only sent to Helo and low-time Fixed wing pilots that requested it.
333 Fixed print margins on Summary and 50Log (some headers were cut-off in print view)
332 Amer: Summary matrix at bottom had many incorrect references to Creds matrix (Variable Wing, etc.)
331 APPS and Summary: small fixes to rounding.
330 APPS: “Turb FixWing” includes Powered Lift (Harrier/Osprey/J35B), “Turb Airplane” does not include. FAA: Added “Powered Lift” fields.
329 APPS: added “Turb FixWing” to sctn 6 /Navy: 1F2 TMR IP exclusion
328 Fixed Glitch on Master Tab with Remarks in Route column
327 Sorties column moved in Replica and Navy tabs.
326 SWA: small glitch with Converted time less than Total.
325 FAA tab updated to match IACRA changes (Class PIC, etc.)
324 Updated names for some Helicopters (and engines,weight)
323 Add “Military Sorties” to civilian tab
322 Another formula error with 600 vs 400 planes in library
321 SouthWest: completely changed to reflect their new website
320 50Log: “Remarks AND Endorsements” title error fixed (was “AND”)
319 American: some fields were not corrected from 400 to 600 planes
318 Change filename “Corrections” to “Replica” for Cust Edit
317 FAA error including 600 library planes and not 400
316 Creds,MGTWO 40k+ landings error
315 UPS 24-month PIC+SIC error fixed
314 Planes list from 1000 to 600 aircraft
313 Planes list from 400 to 1000 aircraft
312 SIC Override code strengthened
311 Enable customer selection of cells in Master
310 Macro for creating CSV file for customer
309 Chronological Order fixed, added USAF night landings
308 More USAF improvements
307 Added Class info to FAA tab
306 Improved USAF tab (for those with Air Force time)
305 50Log: fixed print margins and New Flights
304 Improved Civilian and NEW FISCAL YEAR error checking
303 Removed “2K2” (Functional Check Flights) from X-Country algorithm
302 Rebuilt Gonkulator dashboard
301 Added USAF (Air Force) tab
300 Change “Mil” tab to “Navy”, Remove Replica/Navy tabs for Non-Navy pilots, Remove Civ tab for Mil only
299 UPS: SIC includes Dual, include Non-“Jet/Multi” data
298 Remove Type “3” & “4” Approaches
297 Planes List becomes separate file
296 Fix Civilian CFI total on CRED,Amer, FedEx
295 Faster Summary formulas
294 Past 24 month calclation error fixed
293 Added visual marker for end of “Old Flights” in Master
292 Faster, Summary margins adjust for long aircraft list
291 Delete unused formulas, faster
290 Creds,Amer MGTOW 40k+ not factoring 255k+
289 American Duel Sorties added to SIC Sorties
288 Turn autocalculate back on
287 Formula speed increased
286 Reduce colors for Night, NVG, Combat to only columns
285 50Log 1st Page MultiEngine “amt carried fwd” error
284 Amer SIC fix
283 Combine Dual to SIC in Amer and Swest
282 Upgraded from 32 to 50 aicraft types per customer
281 Error Comments
280 new FedEx format to match their new website
279 More V-22 changes
278 No more Tilt Rotor–all Multi-Eng Land
277 Incorrect data at bottom of START tab
276 Improve rounding in Cred, Amer, and FedX
275 Added “Bomber” back into Cred tab
274 Override Codes and CREDs rounding
273 Apps Error
272 Strengthen Override Codes
271 Add more arrays to Apps calculations
270 Added “Sorties” and “Code” columns
269 V-22 fix
268 More rounding fixes
267 Changed Rounding of Numbers in APPS tab to match website
266 AA/FedEx Sortie count not dynamic
265 50Log print margins
264 CRED tab–more Helo fixes
263 APPS tab–fixed Helo numbers
262 Fixed bug from 256, APPS tab, section 6
261 Fixed bug from 256, Wing and PIC dates moved.
260 Civilian Helicopters added to some Civ templates
259 UPS tab–Chaged PIC time to subtract IP time
258 Swest, Amer, FedX–added “Yrs Instructor Experience”
257 FAA (IACRA) tab added
256 CRED tab–added “Yrs Instructor Experience”
255 APPS tab, Section 2, Turbo & Multi Sortie fix
252 Expand plane library from 200 to 400
251 APPS tab, Section 2, Helo sorites removed from Sortie Total.